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This site is Subtext Friendly. Most stories depict a loving relationship between two women. If this offends you, or if you are under 18, please do not download these stories. Read the Disclaimers.
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Now that its existence has been publicly acknowledged (Eye of the Storm, Part 5), Kerry's Palm Pilot has its own web page.
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I've added some Tips on Using VFS and Expansion Cards to read fan fiction on newer Palms.

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Xena Subtext Virtual Seasons 7 & 8 are available in iSilo format.

Check out  Flat Mt Fan Fic  and You Want Fries With That?  for everything from Buffy to Harry Potter

Looking for fan fiction in Rocket E Book format?
Try The Bards' Academy and The Bards' Corner



Seasons 1 through 6 Complete

This database was initially created with and for HanDBase. It has since been modified to included versions compatible with MobileDB Lite and ThinkDB, two free database programs for the Palm. It can be sorted by Episode Title, Episode Number, Actor's First and Last Name, Character, Writer'(s) First and Last Name(s), Director's First and Last Name, and Season for all six seasons of Xena: Warrior Princess. It also includes the credits for the Hercules Warrior Princess Trilogy : The Warrior Princess, The Gauntlet, and Unchained Heart.

Appearances by Lucy Lawless as Xena and Renée O'Connor as Gabrielle are not included in the database. Other characters (Meg, Diana, Melinda Pappas, Janice Covington, Hope, etc.) are credited.

The .pdb file is about 160 KB with 1300 records.

I'd like to thank Donald Frozina, whose Credits Guide, "665 Actors in 920 Roles!" at Logomancy's Xena Pages, was invaluable in creating this database.




Download The Xena Episode Guide  in .pdb format for HanDBase. This archive includes Tips & Help pages in HTML. Install only the "hdb_epguide622.pdb" file on your Palm. Read the other files with your PC's browser.

Please note: HanDBase 2.75 requires a modified .pdb file, which is somehow different than the .pdb files created for HanDBase 2.5 and 2.0. Databases created with the latest version of HanDBase Desktop (which this one is) will not be visible in older versions of HanDBase. I'm trying to track down an older version of the HanDBase Desktop to create a more universal file. But you should probably update your version of HanDBase in any case.

If you are not familiar with HanDBase, check out these Tips for using The Xena Episode Guide.

If you don't have HanDBase, you can download a trial copy from DDH.




Think DB v 2.0 was a free database viewer and creator for the Palm and Visor. It is exceptionally versatile, allowing you to create many different screen views for long or complicated databases. The Form Designer is also clean and simple to use. You can no longer download a single copy of ThinkDB, unfortunately. ThinkingBytes is only selling it as part of an expensive bundle. However, ThinkDB v2.0 was and remains free. It is included in the zip file.

The Xena Episode Guide for ThinkDB includes Views for All Records, Episodes, Actors & Characters, Writers, and Director. It also has a starter set of filters for various actors.  It can be sorted, searched, filtered, and resized in any way you choose.

Download The Xena Episode Guide  in .pdb format for  ThinkDB Updated through Season 6, Episode 22 - Friend In Need 2



Mobile DB makes both a free Palm and free desktop viewer for databases. The MobileDB Lite viewer is not as full featured as HanDBase, or even as the full version of MobileDB, but it is very nice and much smaller than ThinkDB.  You can also download MobileDB_PC (the free desktop viewer and editor for Windows 98). There is a`copy of MobileDBLite included in the zip file.

Download The Xena Episode Guide  in .pdb format for  MobileDB: Updated through Season 6, Episode 22 - Friend In Need2 

Click here to get a copy of MobileDB Lite, the free PalmPilot viewer for MobileDB database.
Click here to get a copy of MobileDB_PC, the free Windows 98 desktop viewer and editor for MobileDB databases.




The Hi Res version for the Sony Clie
Requires a 320x320 Resolution Sony Clie and the iSilo Reader v 3.x

The iSilo 3 Version
Requires any PalmOS PDA and the iSilo Reader v 3.x

The Standard Version
Requires any PalmOS PDA and any Palm Doc Reader


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